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Our Consultant Experts

Engineer Nicholas Ntobi - Consultant Water Engineer

Engineer Nicholaus Ntobi is an Environmental Engineer with many years of experience in water and sewerage management. He is a Registered and Certified Environmental Expert with the National Environment Management Council and conducts both Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Audits.

Furaha Mbilinyi - Consultant Ornithologist

As part of the Bird Atlas Team Furaha has contributed enormous amounts of expertise to the collection of field data, as well as being one of the main authors of the Tanzanian Bird Guide, Africa's first ornithological field guide in a native african language. Furaha's field experience is far-ranging as he has worked in some of the most remote corners of Tanzania and in all of its major ecological zones.

More recently Furaha has been involved in Carbon Tanzania's work establishing AGB (Above Ground Biomass) in their project areas and continues to work processing data from surveys and on-going research initiatives.


Peter Pascal Maziku - Consultant Botanist

Having studied botany at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in 1999, Peter started his career on a project to map plant taxonomy in the Tarangire ecosystem. This partnership between the National Herbarium and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) spent two years mapping this important ecosystem and gave Peter the chance to learn the importance of accurate data gathering as a tool for conservation management. The final output of this work was a botanical guidebook to Tarangire National Park.

Peter has worked for the African Wildlife Foundation in the Burunge Wildlife Management Area, carrying out resource planning and vegetation surveys as well as creating a tool for biodiversity monitoring. Peter has also mapped the vegetation of the Yeada Valley area using AFRICOVER satellite imagery.

In all of his consultancy work, Peter has shown the importance of combining academic field work whilst engaging with remote communities in a sensitive manner. Peter has been leading the Carbon Tanzania team in conducting the vegetation sampling for above ground biomass (AGB) using Winrock methodologies.