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Carbon Tanzania

Our Mission is to be the premier Tanzanian producer of carbon offsets that create incentives for natural forest conservation at the grassroots level. Carbon Tanzania seeks out opportunities where we can work with villages, individuals and partners to develop sustainable, transparent, and scientifically sound carbon offsets which can be sold on the voluntary carbon market.

Carbon Tanzania works with local villages, community-based organizations, and rural extension and conservation organizations to produce offsets, and with private sector clients to market and sell offsets. We work with people who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable, long-term forest management, equitable local benefit sharing and transparent governance.

Carbon Tanzania connects local offset producers to global markets for offsets generated from local forest conservation and management projects, as well as other offset generation projects. We only select and broker offsets that are real, additional and validated using the highest of standards.

In 2012 Carobn Tanzania's avoided deforestation carbon offset project in the Yaeda Valley of Northern Tanzania, working with indigenous Hadza hunter-gatherer communities, will become the first internationally certified natural forest carbon project in Tanzania. Validated by Plan Vivo, the organisation will be selling Voluntary Emissions Reductions (VERs) on the Voluntary Carbon Market to serve local and international CSR and environmental responsibility targets.

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