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Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit

Tanzania’s Environmental Management Act (2004) calls for many projects and developments to be subjected to a full EIA process. We are registered by The National Environment Management Council to lead companies through the process, beginning with submission of the application, production of the scoping report, the screening phase and finally a full EIA report if required by the government.

Increasingly many kinds of investments, projects and developments are required to undergo an Environmental Impact Assessment procedure.This process is overseen by government authorities and demands expert consultants to carry out the practical work of screening, scoping, literature reviews, baseline surveys, stakeholder participation and final impact and mitigation report preparation.

Ecological Initiatives provides these services to the project developer, communicating project plans and goals, and submitting the relevant reports and documents to government regulators. Ecological Initiatives works with companies who operate with a global perspective, and therefore prioritize environmental planning and ensure their activities are implemented in sustainable and environmentally sensitive ways.