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Our Directors

A partnership with a history

Njano Miblinyi
Njano Miblinyi is a Tanzanian National who comes from Iringa in Southern Tanzania, and currently lives outside Arusha in Northern Tanzania. He is a widely experienced field researcher with specialist bird knowledge, and has become a much sought after professional safari guide leading specialist wildlife tours.


Jo Anderson

Jo Anderson came to Tanzania from Britain in 1995 and never returned – he was drawn by the promise of wildlife and wild places and stays for the challenges of wildlife conservation and environmental education through his writing and publishing.

Jo has focussed his skills on synthesizing and presenting the complex issues of wildlife and habitat conservation, carbon markets and ecosystem services through project reports and published articles.

Marc Baker
Marc Baker spent much of his childhood in Tanzania thanks to his father’s passion for birds and wildlife conservation – he continues to be inspired by the same issues and continues to seek new and innovative ways to promote and ensure habitat protection and wildlife conservation.

Marc is now at the forefront of developing policies for habitat conservation through payments for ecosystem services and continues to pioneer the mechanisms for bringing market values to community conservation.