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Tanzania Bird Atlas

The Tanzania Bird Atlas project aims to not only map the distribution of Tanzania's many and varied bird species, but it also seeks to understand in much more details the seasonality and breeding patterns of the birdlife.

The Tanzania Bird Atlas is an on-going project of Ecological Initiatives to map the distribution and seasonality of all species of birds found in Tanzania. Currently there are over 900,000 records entered on the database. 30,699 of these are breeding season records and 8,942 are egg months, the ultimate goal for breeding season definition. Since 2004 the species maps have been produced using elevation and habitat data providing new insights into altitudinal and ecological limits for many of our resident species.

For the purpose of mapping, Tanzania is divided into half degree by half degree squares covering approximately 2,500 sq kms each. However bird observations are now collected within 500m of a geo-referenced point  by which a vegetation profile can allow for an analysis of species and their preferred habitats.

For more information download this info sheet or go to the website.

A unique achievement of The Tanzania Bird Atlas is the "Kiongozi cha Ndege wa Tanzania", the first ornithological field guide ever produced in a native African language. This publication presents many of Tanzania's most common and conspicuous bird species with descriptions and colour photographs, and has brought a bird identification tool to a previously underserved population of Tanzanian guides, field researchers and amateur bird-enthusiasts.